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Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions

Australian firm NIOA has partnered with Austrian Manufacturer Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH (RWM) to build a state of the art facility for the production of artillery and munitions products in Maryborough. Once complete, Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions will eliminate the need for the Australian Defense Force to import munitions and add roughly 100 highly skilled jobs to the regional market.

The Mary Poppins Festival

Pamela Lyndon Travers was born in Maryborough in 1899. She went on to write the world-famous Mary Poppins series and for the past 13 years, Maryborough has hosted The Mary Poppins Festival in her honour. This event spans several days and makes full use of the storybook atmosphere that Maryborough’s heritage buildings evoke. With a mixture of storytelling programs, competitions, parades, concerts and other creative Poppins-themed activities, this festival is a major attraction for Mary Poppins fans of all ages.

Downer Rail

Downer Rail started operating in 1867 as the Maryborough branch of Walkers Limited. Following multiple acquisitions, mergers and expansions since then, the company now manages a light rail line, tram and bus operations, locomotive procurement, maintenance and lease operations and more. They continue to work successfully from their base in Maryborough.

Our Chamber remains dedicated to supporting Maryborough’s future business successes as they create jobs, grow wealth and generally elevate the quality of life we all enjoy.

Intro from our president

Welcome to the online home of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce. I hope this website will give some insight into how the Chamber is here to support the Maryborough business community.

There is no greater time that we need to support each other. The Maryborough Chamber is proud to support our Maryborough businesses who have demonstrated remarkable resilience and creativity in times such as these. We are still in the midst of those times, and it is critical that we continue to support our businesses and also encourage our general community to do so.

The Chamber has developed a Strategic Plan which outlines strategies to guide us to achieve ways to support our businesses and build economic capacity. The Chamber Executive continues to work to implement strategies outlined in our strategic plan. Like most organisations, we have had to review some of those strategies to align with the ever changing landscape that has surrounded us. We aim to be creative and collaborative in achieving these strategies that focus on connectivity, advocacy, acumen, and resilience.

We enjoy working collaboratively and collegially with Federal, State and Local Government Departments and other entities in our community with the aim to have an active voice in enabling and encouraging a strong vibrant business community in Maryborough that reflects prosperity and growth. We value working together to achieve common goals.

I encourage you to support the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce. You can do this by joining our Executive team, becoming a member of the Chamber or attending our events. We welcome your engagement with us, and we encourage you to work with us to build a strong business community for Maryborough.

Our chamber board

Michelle Clunn

Michelle Clunn has worked in various industries on the Fraser Coast including Health and Education. As the current President of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce, Michelle is passionate to support local businesses to be the best they can be and to showcase and compliment what is so wonderful and unique in our region. Michelle believes that by working together collectively with other agencies, we can achieve prosperity for our local business community and increase the economic capacity of our region.

De’Anne Stegert

De’Anne Stegert has worked in the Fraser Coast region for most of her working life throughout various industries and currently owns All States Training. De’Anne is the Treasurer of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce and is always looking for opportunities for local businesses to thrive and grow in our region. As an experienced company director De’Anne sees herself as able to contribute to the financial management of Maryborough Chamber of Commerce. De’Anne is passionate about bringing a business mindset and growth attitude to the Chamber.

Jamie Miller

Jamie has owned and managed a small caravan park in Maryborough since January 2019. He was attracted to Maryborough by the benign climate, the beautiful heritage buildings, the friendliness of the locals, the ultra-low price of purchasing a house, and the positive business attitude.

Mark Olofsen

Mark Olofsen has been a resident of the Fraser Coast since he was young and now resides South of Maryborough.

Mark has a heart for people and helping others to succeed in business, health, and life.

With vast experience in multiple fields from Land Use, Development, Business Management, Telecommunications and Technology Solutions; Mark has a sustainable growth mindset ready to help local businesses grow, overflowing to benefit the greater community.

Currently, Mark brings a level of technological insight to the Executive of the Maryborough Chamber, aimed to help our city and region grow, celebrating strong traditions and working towards a bold future.

Tony Nioa

Tony has significant knowledge of the regional Queensland market and strong relationships within the Wide Bay Burnett business community and understands the region’s key economic drivers and trends fundamental to local and interstate investors.

Throughout a 30-year property career, Tony has specialised in the Wide Bay regions of Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg, gaining extensive experience in property sales, development and leasing of commercial, retail and industrial real estate.

Appointed as the Area Consultative Committee Chairman at the Sunshine Coast for six years, Tony also chaired the Regional Advisory Group (RAG) on the restructuring of the Sugar Cane Industry for the Maryborough to Rocky Point area.

Tony is currently at the entry point of investment into the Wide Bay Burnett region and a highly-valued professional with strong focus on progressive economic growth across key industries. He enjoys local community involvement as a member of Rotary Maryborough City executive, and as a member of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce.

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