Queensland Computers Fraser Coast

We aim to only partake in projects where we achieve excellence and are the best solution to a problem. We plan to constantly improve efficiency and processes of businesses whilst simplify systems. We understand that change is not easy however we believe in a changing world change is a requirement to remaining profitable. We accept that as a trusted adviser and a leader in our region that we have a significant social responsibility and actively address and factor this into our decision-making. We aim for long-term sustainability and future growth with the recognition that this often means short terms gains may have to be sacrificed. We also instill this understanding into our customers so that they can plan for the future. We want to be an integral part of the economies and communities in which we operate and take this responsibility seriously.

We will always expand our services into areas in which are currently under-serviced to assist the community to innovate and grow. We will only go into these ventures if we feel we would be the best in field. By placing focus on our core values and business objectives we feel that profitability of our company is a natural progression and is not required as a core focus. We are conscious of our business’s economy, however we do not allow this to hold back our progression required to fulfill our objectives and values.